Car Sales Are Essential, Under A Few Conditions

Low-risk procedure for showroom vehicle  sales

A. Customer contacts a vehicle/vessel dealership by phone, e-mail or through their website, and a salesperson or manager working from home responds and guides the customer through the vehicle/vessel dealership’s website to review models, features, etc.

B. After a customer has decided to purchase, vehicle/vessel dealership staff remotely guides them through the application for financing, other documentation or related sales (extended warranties, etc.), and any trade-in appraisal. A finance department professional prepares paperwork alone in the vehicle/vessel dealership. Complete as much of this process electronically using electronic signature software or a similar alternative.

C. A vehicle/vessel dealership employee wearing a face covering and gloves thoroughly sanitizes all hard surfaces of the vehicle/vessel, the exterior and interior high touch areas of the vehicle/vessel, keys, and any other items to be handed off prior to delivery.

D. The same process is used to sanitize any trade-in vehicle/vessels prior to an appraisal which involves touching or getting into the vehicle/vessel.
E. The vehicle/vessel must be delivered in a sanitized room or sanitized service area at the vehicle/vessel dealership. High Touch surfaces are sanitized after every transaction. Delivery can also be done outside or at a location of the customer’s choosing with appropriate distancing.

F. The vehicle/vessel dealership has the customer sign any necessary in person paperwork using the customer’s own pen. Alternatively, the customer signs the form with a set of gloves and their own or a new untouched or sanitized pen, while maintaining proper distancing at all times.

G. A vehicle/vessel dealership employee answers any questions about the transaction over the phone or while maintaining at least 6 feet in distancing.

H. After the sale, the customer can be sent a video explanation of the vehicle/vessel features, or schedule a remote phone or web-based session with a representative to answer specific questions.